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At Gilligan, Frisco & Trutanich, LLP, we promise to handle your needs with compassion, integrity, courtesy, diligence, and strong advocacy. Accessible and responsive, our firm will help guide you through some of life’s most difficult times and fight to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Tina T.


I have very much appreciated working with John Gilligan of Gilligan Frisco & Trutanich, LLP and his team. My case turned into a case with far more complexity and difficulties than most. However, John provided great wisdom, clear guidance, and was a calming voice of reason.
[read more]John’s team was very efficient, managed all the necessary schedules, and kept me well informed every step of the way. The legal process can make anybody feel awkward and unintelligent. John and his team empathetically guided me through the process with confidence and to a desirable outcome. I would choose John Gilligan and his team again.[/read]

Wade W.


I had a very difficult case with my ex that came out of nowhere.  Everything from the position taken, to the lawyer presenting, the timing, and even facts pertaining to the claims presented were nearly overwhelming.
[read more]John Gilligan and his amazing staff dove in immediately.  After a thorough review of my matter and the facts, they gave me a set of options that could be pursued and the realistic likelihood of each option.  John and his team were relentless in driving an out of court settlement that ultimately enabled me to spend more time with my daughter, and I will be forever grateful to them.[/read]

Saldana L


Janine’s my gal! Janine and Brianne have taken great care of me. I will always highly recommend your firm!! stay safe…

Daryl C


Janine has helped my daughter immensely with her difficult divorce.
[read more] She has been so supportive, quick to respond and a positive, strong force that has truly helped my daughter cope with a messy divorce. Highly recommend Janine for your legal issues.[/read]

Jeffrey I


I hired John for his direct no-nonsense approach to advice. I appreciate that the divorce is final 7 months after we started the process.

Ross D


Working with Mrs. Frisco has been nothing but a positive experience during one of the most difficult times in my life.
[read more]She has been beyond attentive and supportive, not just as my attorney, but also as someone who genuinely cared about my situation and helping my son. Janine has been there for me through some of the toughest times I’ve experienced and I can’t thank her enough for that. [/read]

Judy R


I’ve been getting legal help so long with this firm I feel like I’m part of the family.
[read more]Family that learns to get along in good times and in the bad. We’ve stuck it through and been successful![/read]

Michelle Z


When I first walked into Janine Frisco’s law office I felt an immediate comforting feeling. She is very sweet and makes you feel very at ease.
[read more]My divorce was a bitter one dealing with so many issues. Janine was a rockstar on so many levels. She supported not only me but fought hard for my children. She puts her heart and soul into what she does. She is very passionate about law and very professional. My divorce took three long years and there is no way I would have survived it without Janine on my side. She walked me through everything and comforted me on those “down” days. She will always be appreciated by me beyond words. I’m grateful for how things turned out and I owe all of it to Janine Frisco! The best lawyer around!![/read]

Drita P


John and his team of compassionate experts keep me organized and focused on what matters most to me (my children).
[read more]On multiple occasions during my Divorce process, they have had to react quickly and help me prepare for difficult situations. I have confidence that John, Wendy, and their office support staff respond ethically when addressing issues related to my case. My children’s welfare has been their top priority. Their counsel always takes into account how my three young children would be effected. I rely heavily upon their legal expertise to guide me through my high-conflict Divorce. I made the best choice, to have John and his legal team advocate for me. They understand my case and are sensitive to my finances. I would recommend this Legal Office to others, caught in a High-Conflict Divorce involving minor children. Rancho Palos Verdes Resident.[/read]

Rodger B


All of your paralegals and employees have been responsive to my needs and are staying on top of my case.

John R


So far so good. Waiting to see the final settlement.

Steve A


Janine and Brianne made a great team! From phone calls to emails, they both were always there to answer every single one of my questions, and very helpful throughout the process.
[read more]It’s unfortunate people have to go through these types of things but, I’m glad they were there for me. Thank you![/read]

Catherine S


Janine Frisco really cares about her clients and will fight hard for you. I am very happy to have her as my lawyer.

Robin C


Kristin Trutanich has always given me clear guidance on how to answer the points and calm my emotions.
[read more]More importantly, she made me feel she was empathetic.[/read]

S. A.


I’ve known Janine Frisco for many years and was most pleased with her representation of my interests. So attentive. So professional. So smart!

Sandy A

Facebook Recommends


Janine Frisco represented me with attention to detail, knowledge of the law, and the quickest most cost-effective legal closure I’ve ever experienced.
[read more]She returned my calls and inquiries in a timely manner. This quality seems to be generally lacking in the legal profession in my opinion. I would not only recommend her but already have on two occasions. Very pleased client![/read]

Rodger B.


John Gilligan and his team at BGD lawyers did an outstanding job representing me. John’s 35 years of experience, dedicated work ethic, and attention to every detail combined with his Case Mgr, Wendy Tse, and Paralegal Ana Bautista gave me great results.
[read more]When my X wife saw the case she was facing in court and all the discovery she was going to have to provide she quickly decided to settle, and for less than the original amount I offered. I have had to have legal services at various times throughout my career. This is the first time I have ever reviewed a law firm and offered my recommendation.[/read]

Irene S.


This is my second experience in conducting business with Mr. John Gilligan. My first experience was 17+ years ago when he orchestrated the first gay adoption in Long Beach, in the time when other attorneys would not entertain the idea or risk the chance of even attempting to do so.
[read more]Attorney Gilligan made it a seamless process. He was successful at what he set out for, and it resulted in a successful gay adoption. Once again John has demonstrated his professionalism, and knowledge at doing what seems instinctual, a trusting representative, who is looking out for my best. I’ve referred several friends who have shared the same experience. Thank you for your help John, once again.[/read]

Andrew C.


First of all, remember that your attorney is not your therapist and not going to save you. Come in with realistic expectations of what they can and can not do. Expect to do most if not all the leg work on your case as it pertains to you.
[read more]Make their job easier by organizing your paperwork and becoming knowledgable as best you can in the law. This is Family Law, it’s not black and white, which makes matters worse. Your worst enemy is yourself in most circumstances. With that being said, I’m going to give them 5 stars based on things that are remaining an attorney should know. These answers apply to OC and not LA County. – They should know local court rules, check! Subpoenas and other forms to the court in your county are different and always revised. This is important and they get 5 stars. – They should be on top of all the variables in your case and not you having to spoon-feed them reminders all the time. Check and then check. In fact, I have never met any other attorney do such a great job of this in my experience. It’s amazing but because I’ve had such bad luck in past I still keep my own to-do list. Its nice knowing they are on top of it too. Court hearings, reply dates, etc, all done. – Knowledge of Judges, connections between other attorneys and Judges, connections with the “experts” and other attorneys and/or judges. This one is very important too. I give them 5 stars as they seem to know a lot of people and have a great history of most the “experts” involved from one time or another. This is important because if something comes down against you then you can exploit this “bias” with subpoenas in getting a history of their rulings and see if they are biased or not, and they always are. People are people, expect bias at every step, embrace it. – Knowledge of subpoenas, check! Highly recommend them here for this as well. Subpoenas are your best friend in these situations and your attorney needs to be able to dispatch these quickly as possible and be able to fight objections. It’s imperative to proving your case. – Knowledge of 4D chess, check! Your attorney should be able to understand what’s at play and when to and not strike and for good reasons. They should be taking advantage of the other parties attorney’s weaknesses, which is always an ego I have found. – Ability to persuade and be likable, very important, again check! – Ability to argue objections to form interrogatories, subpoenas issued towards you, check! Again very competent. – Ability to write in a clear concise manner a declaration that moves the Court, check! This is very important as well. My advice is to use your attorney as you would a tool. It’s important to know specifically what that tool does and dispatch your attorney to do exactly that in a clear concise manner. Then you won’t go broke in the process. I found most people who start off in this stumble in the gates the first time through. Get knowledge, hit me up and I’ll help you get on your feet even, and then breathe, take things slow and you’ll hit a home run every time. I’m now been in court since 2011, it never ends, if it does its just temporary. Give up on returning to normal life till your children are 18 if your ex is bitter and has nothing better to do than make your life hell. Try to live above it all. Sorry, not great advice but best I could do. My attorneys were Janine Frisco and Joi Millett[/read]

Ah Lan W.


When we found out the ex-wife had returned to work, we called Janet Dockstader. Janet and her extensive support team started work immediately. Our request to for spousal support modification was granted and the respondents request for attorney fees denied.
[read more]These people know what they are doing, and do it fast. It was the best legal representation I’ve ever experienced. We will save close to $40,000.00 over the next two years. This is the attorney you want on your side in the courtroom!.[/read]

Mike A


Ask for John Gilligan. He is a great attorney who focuses on families and children.

Antonia Lavender


John Gilligan was my advocate and he was compassionate. The supportive staff were professional and responsive.

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