Wendy Tse Discuss Common Mistakes That People Make During Divorce

Video Transcript: Common Mistakes That People Make During Divorce

Dan Couvrette: Hi, I’m Dan Couvrette, the publisher of Family Lawyer Magazine and divorcemag.com, and today I have the real pleasure of speaking with Wendy Tse.
Wendy is a Long Beach, California family lawyer who’s been practicing family law exclusively since 1998. Wendy has had experience in all areas of family law, including contested custody cases, child support, spousal support, complex financial issues, domestic violence, paternity, and post-judgment modification proceedings.
What are some common mistakes that people make during divorce?

Wendy Tse: For example, I have both sides, the payor. I don’t have to pay even though I make so much money. They don’t need that much money. The payee. I need money and they’ve been paying every penny of my expenses and they should continue to pay every penny of my expenses.

Those are just the flip sides of the same coin and what usually gets ordered is something in the middle of that. Another example is custody. If you’re the stay-at-home mother and one person’s working, sometimes there’s the belief that the other person shouldn’t have custody because the person at home has taken care of the kids the whole time.

That’s not what the court’s going to order. The court believes that having frequent, continuing contact with both parents is what would be best for children.

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