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Facing a divorce and
have a lot of assets at stake?
You need an experienced divorce attorney.

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Significant assets and income can lead to complex divorces.

  • All assets, debts, and business interests must be identified and characterized as community or separate property.
  • If you own business interests, real estate, volatile investments, or valuable collections, you will likely need a valuation.
  • If you are a highly compensated executive, then your spouse may seek spousal support payments for the rest of your life. The right strategy can safeguard your income and limit your exposure.

We specialize in divorce with complex financial issues, high-conflict litigation, and detailed custody matters.

  • Our top-notch attorneys in LA County concentrate their practice in divorce and family law to better guide our high net worth clients through the challenging legal system.
  • We will work diligently to resolve all conflicts through mediation, collaborative practice, or, if need be, advocate tirelessly in court for you.

Reduce your risks. Establish your rights. Protect your interests.

If you have significant assets and income, you need to minimize your financial risks. We’ll partner with you and take a comprehensive approach to offer peace of mind at this difficult time.

Complex Divorce & Your Rights

You need to protect your children, assets, and income, Don’t go it alone. Our experienced attorneys will establish your rights and safeguard your interests throughout your divorce.

A Record of Success With:

  • High asset divorce
  • Identification &  division of assets
  • Business valuations
  • Child custody and support
  • Spousal support

We Are Responsive & Attentive

Our top-notch attorneys will ease your anxiety during your divorce. We provide excellent service to protect your financial interests, parental rights, and meet your objectives.

LA County Attorneys Experienced in Complex Divorce: 100+ Years of Experience

Since 1981, Gilligan, Frisco & Trutanich has been helping individuals and families in Southern California surmount their divorce and legal difficulties.

The stakes are high in your divorce if you have a lot of assets, high income or own a business. You’ve worked hard to acquire your wealth. Divorce can present an unacceptable level of risk and uncertainty. To reduce risk and safeguard your interests, you need an experienced advocate who understands the challenges of high stakes divorce — someone who can negotiate a fair settlement that is in your best interest and will litigate for you when necessary.

You need a thorough evaluation of the complex issues in your case. Divorce with a substantial estate comes with unique challenges – most of which relate to property identification, characterization, valuation, and distribution of assets and debts.

Contact us at our Long Beach or Palos Verdes Estates office to arrange an appointment to discuss your unique situation today. (310) 388-9570

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